Course Syllabus


This is a junior-level operating system course designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the systems administration field. The course provides students with the knowledge to become industry certified as a Windows Professional.

This course will utilize LabSim. Course work will include demonstrations, exams, lab/simulations, text lessons, fact sheets and videos.



  • CIT 240 - Networking

Required Resources

This class uses TestOut Server Pro 2016: Install and Storage courseware (ISBN: 978-1-935080-65-7). Here are some details about this:

  • All instruction, simulations, and evaluations are through TestOut. Therefore, it is impossible to opt-out of using this courseware and complete this class.
  • You will be charged for this automatically on your BYU-Idaho Bookstore account if you are enrolled past the drop date.
  • You are allowed to retake TestOut exams by calling TestOut at (801) 785-7900.


Course Outcomes (CO)

  1. Students will be able to install and configure servers.
  2. Students will be able configure server roles and features.
  3. Students will be able to configure Hyper-V.
  4. Students will be able to deploy and configure core network services.
  5. Students will be able to install and administer Active Directory.
  6. Students will be able to create and manage Group Policy.

Major Assignments

The table below is meant to help you see the relevance of each major assignment as it pertains to the course outcomes (CO).

Major Assignment Description CO#
W07 Mid-term Exam on 7 chapters
W14 Final Exam Cumulative Exam

Weekly Patterns

The table below displays typical weekly activities, due dates, and activity descriptions. 

Due Date* Learning Model Activity Title Description
Midweek Prove Weekly Assignment Compete Launch Page on testout.

*Set your time zone within user preferences so the dates and times for course activities will display correctly for your time zone.

Learning Model

“The challenge before us is to create even more powerful and effective learning experiences in which students learn by faith. This requires, but is more than, teaching by the Spirit. To learn by faith, students need opportunities to take action. Some of those opportunities will come where students lead and teach one another and participate broadly. Some of them will come in the classroom, where prepared students, exercising faith, step out beyond the light they already possess, to speak, to contribute, and to teach one another. It is precisely in that moment of faith that [the] calling up and linking of personal effort to the Spirit occurs. It is in that moment that the Spirit teaches.” (Kim B. Clark, Inaugural Response, Brigham Young University–Idaho, October 11, 2005.)


  1. Exercise faith in Christ as a principle of action and power.
  2. Understand that true teaching is done by and with the Holy Ghost.
  3. Lay hold upon the word of God as found in the holy scriptures and in the words of the prophets in all disciplines.
  4. Act for themselves and accept responsibility for learning and teaching.
  5. Love, serve, and teach one another.

Grading Scale

Your overall grade will be calculated according to the following scale, there is no rounding:

Grade Percentage Range
A 100–93
A- 92–90
B+ 89–87
B 86–83
B- 82–80
C+ 79–77
C 76–73
C- 72–70
D+ 69–67
D 66–63
D- 62–60
F >60

Grade Categories

Exams: 35%
Coursework: 20%
Final: 45%

University Policies

Students with Disabilities

Brigham Young University-Idaho is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere that accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have a disability and require accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Office (Links to an external site.) at (208) 496-9210 or visit their website and follow the Steps for Receiving Accommodations (Links to an external site.). Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with students and instructors by the Disability Services Office.

This course may require synchronous meetings. If you are currently registered with the Disability Services Office and need an interpreter or transcriber for these meetings, please contact the deaf and hard of hearing coordinator at (208) 496-9219.

Other University Policies

Student Honor and Other Policies

Please read through the document called University Policies (Links to an external site.). It gives important information about the following topics:

  • Student Honor
    • Academic Honesty
    • Student Conduct
      • Sexual Harassment
  • Student with Disabilities
  • Complaints and Grievances
  • Copyright Notice

Go to the Student Resources module to review further resources and information.

Course Summary:

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