Course Syllabus


This course provides an introduction to construction company and risk management. Company management topics include business ownership, licensing laws, company organization, business plans, accounting, financial records, advertising, labor relations, purchase orders, and bids. Risk management topics include project delivery systems, contract relationships, contract provisions, and commercial terms, insurance, surety bonds, mechanic's liens, and safety.

Two credits



There are four prerequisite courses you must complete prior to enrolling in CONST 499. They include the following:

  • CONST 498: Construction Leadership (One credit)
  • ARCH 190: Building Information Modeling I (Three credits)
  • CONST 391: Construction Scheduling (Three credits)
  • CONST 285: Construction Estimating (Three credits)

Required Resources

All required reading assignments are included in the course. Read the information in the Textbook Information module to learn how to access your textbook, and how to opt-out of this automatic purchase, if desired.

Successful completion of the major assessments and projects in this course require the use of several software packages listed in the table below.

Required Resources
Software Provider Mode of Access
Revit (2020 or higher) Autodesk Student download using an education license.
Primavera P6 Oracle Student access through the university's VDI system.
MSProject (optional) Microsoft May be used as an alternative to Primavera P6. Accessed via student's Office 365 account.

Proctored Exams and Assessments

This course will use an online proctoring software called Proctorio. This makes it possible for students to take assessments and exams without a human proctor present. Proctored exams can be accessed like any other exam, once the software has been installed. Exams will be recorded by Proctorio and reviewed by the BYUI Testing Center. Any questionable exams will be forwarded to the instructor for further review.

For step-by-step instructions on Proctorio installation, please refer to the Proctorio Help Guide article.


Course Outcomes (CO)

  1. Be conversant with and consider how to apply a number of theories related to leadership and strategy as they may be applied to the construction industry, your callings, and your personal life.
  2. Demonstrate your design, scheduling, and estimating capability.
  3. Demonstrate your problem solving capability.
  4. Demonstrate your ability to be self-motivated and work individually.

Major Assignments

The table below is meant to help you see the relevance of each major assignment as it pertains to the course outcomes (CO).

Major Assignments
Major Assignment Description CO#
Project Design A revit file with a design that is aligned to project specifications. 2, 4
Project Schedule A P6 or MSProject file that outlines the process for completing the project described in the design. 2, 3, 4
Project Estimate An itemized list of materials and resources required to complete the project. 2, 3, 4
Persuasive Argument A formal business letter describing a problem to a general contractor and requesting adjustments to labor and scheduling allocations. 1, 3

Weekly Patterns

The table below displays typical weekly activities, due dates, and activity descriptions. 

Weekly Patterns
Due Date* Learning Model Activity Title Description
Midweek Prepare Study Reading content related to leadership.
Midweek Teach One Another Discussion Discussions are centered on leadership topics studied in the text. Initial posts are due midweek.
End of Week Ponder and Prove Reading Quiz Reading quizzes cover content studied in the supplied readings on leadership.
End of Week Ponder and Prove Assignment A series of assignments related to completion of the Persuasive Argument.
End of Week Ponder and Prove Project Self-directed work toward completion of Project Deliverables over several weeks. 
End of Week Ponder and Prove Project Submission Deliverable submissions for the project over the course of the semester.

*Set your time zone within user preferences so the dates and times for course activities will display correctly for your time zone.

Learning Model

This course employs the BYU-Idaho Learning Model by requiring students to prepare through self-guided study of selected content, as well as troubleshoot problems related to design and project management software for project deliverables. Students will Teach One Another through discussing principles and applications of leadership. Finally, students ponder and prove through completion of course project deliverables and other assignments.



You can expect to receive grades and feedback within seven days of the due date for all assignments.


CONST 499 will require you to dedicate 3–4 hours of weekly study and coursework for every credit hour. As a two-credit hour course, CONST 499 students should spend 6–8 hours weekly. Because of the scale and length of the project deliverables, students are often tempted to procrastinate working on them. For example, the work on the Project Design spans roughly half the course. Students must be disciplined in spending time working on these deliverables each week to ensure timely completion and optimum scores.

Group Work

This course does not include group work. You are expected to be self-directed and demonstrate your competency in meeting deadlines.

Late Work

As a sign of professionalism and respect, you should complete your work on time. However, your instructor has the discretion to accept late work or extend due dates as appropriate.


This course does not allow retries on course assessments and projects. Students are expected to correct errors in their Project Design, Schedule, and Estimate prior to submitting them with their final Project Proposal.

Extra Credit

This course does not include built-in extra credit.

Grading Scale

Grading Scale
Letter Grade Percent
A 100%–93%
A- 92%–90%
B+ 89%–87%
B 86%–83%
B- 82%–80%
C+ 79%–77%
C 76%–73%
C- 72%–70%
D+ 69%–67%
D 66%–63%
D- 62%–60%
F 59% and lower

University Policies

Students with Disabilities

Brigham Young University-Idaho is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere that accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have a disability and require accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Office at (208) 496-9210 or visit their website and follow the Steps for Receiving Accommodations. Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with students and instructors by the Disability Services Office.

This course may require synchronous meetings. If you are currently registered with the Disability Services Office and need an interpreter or transcriber for these meetings, please contact the deaf and hard of hearing coordinator at (208) 496-9219.

Other University Policies

Student Honor and Other Policies

Please read through the document called University Policies. It gives important information about the following topics:

  • Student Honor
    • Academic Honesty
    • Student Conduct
      • Sexual Harassment
  • Student with Disabilities
  • Complaints and Grievances
  • Copyright Notice

Go to the Student Resources module to review further resources and information.

Course Summary:

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